The songs on gambling that you might already know are not the best songs. We are sure of that. To be proven wrong, you should definitely give our list a listen before deciding on your favourite song. Here are the best songs about gambling that would pump you up for your next casino game.

Black Queen

This is a blues song from the 1970s with a great guitar background. Though the song is open for interpretation, it is about a card game. Even the singer agrees. Listen to this song on a chill evening and feel how oblivious the game is to the players when starting off.

guitar background

Townes van Zandt- Mr Mudd and Mr Gold

This is a song about poker. It would perplex you if you have no experience in casino games. The tune is headbanging and has a good versus bad theme.

Gamblin’ Man- Lonnie Donegan

This song was released in 1957. It still sounds great. The song is so catchy that it might be stuck in your head for a long time.

Lily, Rosemary and the jack of Hearts – Bob Dylan

This song has a story around the card game and a murder. It is a reminder that fate is not in our hands.

Gambler’s Blues- B.B. King

Though this song is not directly about gambling, it narrates the emotions of the gamblers very well. It has captured the process of wagering in the song.

The Jack- AC/DC

If you are looking for a good laugh while listening to a song, this song about sexually transmitted diseases will make you chuckle. It uses a pack of cards for innuendos.

The Clash- The Card Cheat

The song is about a gambler, who doesn’t wish to play by the rules. There is also a spiritual aspect to this song when the protagonist of the song meets God.

Rambling, Gambling Willie – Bob Dylan

This song is about a man who was a risk-taker and roamed across America. We fathered many children and won many casino games. It has a very sensible message of quitting while one is ahead.


Go Down Gamblin’ – Blood Sweat and tears

This song is an amazing fusion of blues, It talks about the all or nothing mentality of some.

Viva Las Vegas – Elvis

No other song has been able to capture the glamour of the casino as much as this song. There are many other versions to prevailing that might endear some. Check the various other covers.


Some Of The Best Songs About Gambling

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