At the VIII Viljandi Guitar Festival, Paul Neitsov won the Tiit Paulus Young Guitarist Award.

The aim of the Tiit Paulus Young Guitar Player Award and a one-time scholarship is to value outstanding young Estonian musicians and encourage them to improve their guitar studies. The prize has been awarded at each festival, this time it is the eighth in a row.

Paul Neitsov graduated from the Tartu Music School named after Heino Eller with a degree in guitar under Oleg Pissarenko. He is a talented young musician who has attracted attention with his playing style and musicality and is already a sought-after musician in the Estonian music scene.

The award includes the opportunity to perform at the next Viljandi Guitar Festival.
So far, seven talented Estonian musicians have received the Tiit Paulus Young Guitarist Award:
Virgo Sillamaa, Erki Pärnoja, Laur Joamets, Martin Matt, Jaan Jaanson, Erko Niit and Madis Meister.

Tiit Paulus is an Estonian guitar legend and one of the most influential teachers of Estonian jazz guitar and improvisation.

Ain Agan, director of the Viljandi Guitar Festival

The article appeared in the newspaper Jazzi Track No. 31.