Oleg Pissarenko – guitar
Jaak Lutsoja – accordion
Taavo Remmel – double bass
Guido Kangur – poetry

Sensitive and affectionate music that combines the sounds of Nordic jazz and the beauty of simplicity. All this comes from Oleg Pissarenko’s albums “The Little One’s” (2004) and “Prii Lapse ilm” (2009).

The modernist-romantic approach to melody by guitarist OLEG PISSARENKO, the creator of minimalist-philosophical music, is supported by interesting double bass and accordion colors. The trio will also be played by TAAVO REMMEL, Estonia’s senior and most recognized double bass player, and JAAK LUTSOJA, an extremely emotional musician belonging to the Estonian accordion elite. The beloved actor GUIDO KANGUR reads the classics of Estonian poetry in music only with his characteristic charm and “peeking inwards” expression, placing special emphasis on the work of Juhan Viiding.

The idea of ​​the trio is to create beauty and peace as a counterbalance to today’s hectic mentality.

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