Tartu jazz and rhythm music festival IDeeJazz is coming for the fourth time at the turn of October-November! With music born from fresh ideas and created for open minds, IDeeJazz traditionally lasts for three days and concerts take place in four important places in Tartu – Tartu Jazz Club, Tartu New Theater, Club of Geniuses and for the first time also in AHHAA Center. In cooperation with the AHHAA Center, the festival explores the points of contact between music and science.

The fourth IDeeJazz is expected to have a more diverse program than ever before. In the program, you will hear harmonious and captivating music through the brilliant top Estonian performers of several generations as well as outstanding music students. The festival has never pushed genre boundaries, but the word “jazz” in the name of the festival is definitely a guiding term that has set certain expectations. Of course – this year, too, the emphasis is on harmonious, improvisational and imaginative music, but for listeners who love style drawers, it can be quite difficult.

“The contents of the blues for blues, d’n’b, proge, indie, ethno, world music, pop, free improvisation, Russian classics and pure jazz have been poured on the floor and hopelessly confused. But it’s definitely going to be fun in this thorough giant boom! Because that’s what IDeeJazz wants to offer its listeners joy, good mood and soft thoughts, ”says the festival’s website.

In the IDeeFocus , which attracted the band Radar and Sven Grünberg to the Fair in previous years , this time the star of the 1983 Tartu Broadcast Music Days , the ensemble “E = mc2” , which deals with the common part of music and science, is led by Peeter Volkonski . This concert is definitely rare, because for more than 30 years Peeter Volkonski, Riho Sibul, Peeter Brambat, Margus Kappel, Vello Annuk and Arvo Urb will take the stage with an anti-nuclear war and pro-human meta-rock program .