TJC invites you to an experience in the new building of the Estonian National Museum!

Lembit Saarsalu – saxophone
Olav Ehala – keyboards
Toivo Unt – bass
Toomas Rull – drums

The best swing in the country!

Lembit Saarsalu and Olav Ehala Super Quartet play Estonian film music that has been in the hearts of the people for 60 years. This is the gold fund of Estonian composers, each melody of which reveals to people its image and its feelings about those times. A good melody has great power.
The program includes the second great war of 1950-1980 after the classics of Estonian film music: music by Boris Kõrver, Uno Naissoo, Valter Ojakääru, Ülo Vinter, Gennadi Podelski and Olav Ehala. Excerpts from the films “Light in the Cord”, “Possessed Curves”, “The Last Relic”, “Here We Are”, “The Key”, “Don Juan in Tallinn” add to the atmosphere of the era.

Tartu Jazz Club – let’s take a cup of jazz!

ENM restaurant:
The museum’s restaurant offers everything from modern Estonian cuisine, emphasizing the raw materials, beauty and quality of service of Estonian origin in addition to the tastes of our time. The restaurant focuses on the transmission, appreciation and promotion of modern Estonian diets.